Our Coffee

  • Our Blue Mountain Coffee is ALWAYS fresh:  We got our last shipment from our Supplier in Jamaican on 9/26/2016 Roast Date of 9/28/2016  (Ask your Blue Mountain Supplier their shipment data?) See Our Certification Certificate Here!

  • Our Coffee is always roasted & pack in Jamaica: Our Coffee is always roasted in Jamaica by the Blue Mountain Master roasters ( the same roasting process is pasted down for over 100 years) (You should ask your Blue Mountain supplier where the coffee is roasted.. if the coffee is not roasted in Jamaica most likely the coffee is fake or a blend of Blue Mountain with some other inferior coffee)

  • Our Coffee is always tested & certified by the Coffee Industry board of Jamaica: See one of our last certification here. Most Blue mountain coffee sold in the USA is NOT Blue Mountain and NOT certified (Ask your supplier to present their Coffee industry board certification. If they can’t provide a certification certificate with a recent date they are selling you fake blue mountain coffee)  See ours here!



Our Supplier:

Country Traders Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee by Coffee Roasters:

Coffee Roasters of Jamaica is a family run business that pays close attention to your coffee every step of the way, through purchasing, cupping, roasting, packaging and delivery. They only roast 12 kilograms (26lbs) of coffee at a time and vacuum pack them in high quality foil bags with one way valves. We only purchase 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from them. They are one of only five roasters that are licensed by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee:

The Blue Mountains of Jamaica are named for the blue mists that continually shroud them. The mountain ranges across the eastern section of Jamaica, 28 miles long and 12 miles wide. The Blue Mountains are some of the highest mountains in the Caribbean, rising to 7,420 feet. Covered with rich soil with excellent drainage, the blue mountain region is perfect for growing coffee.

Blue Mountain® coffee goes through several processes. To ensure that consumers get value and quality, the Jamaican coffee industry has legislation in place demarcating the geographical boundaries, which define the coffee classified as Jamaican Blue Mountain®. This is reinforced by rigid inspection of the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board that certifies production and export of Jamaican Coffee. After it is reaped & certified, the coffee is pulped and washed and then dried, cured, hulled and graded by size and separated by density.